About R4R

Some Data & Facts

16.07.1975 in Koblenz
Lived in Marktheidenfeld, Rosenheim, Munich (all Germany) and since 2013 in Vienna (Austria).

Diploma in Business Economics at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University, Munich

    last job -> Quality Manager in a big IT Company
    now -> “self employed” with Ride4Respect 😉

Kids: daughter, born 1997; son, born 1998

Sports: Triathlon, Mountain Biking, CrossFit (not so often as I would like to do…), Hot Yoga (same here…)


My life has not always been easy: divorce of my parents in the age of 4. Lack of self-love and self-esteem during my youth. Pregnant at the age of 21. Alcohol abuse by the father of my kids which then forced me to move from our small village into the big town of Munich. Here I studied business economics as a single mother of two kids, worked as working student in a big IT company to earn some money and: did triathlon.
Triathlon helped me to overcome hard times, to focus on the positive and to accept that life will always give both: success and adversity.
With triathlon I could improve my mental strength, the believe in myself and I learned to visualize my goals.

I learned, that I should never dream too small, that anything is possible, but also, that nothing great ever comes from comfort zones.
After I finished my studies, I had to work 🙁
After a few years of rotating, trying to survive in this demanding world and trying the best I can on all levels, it happened that my mom suddenly got cancer and died within one year.
That let me step back a little bit and having a look at my life, at our social value system and our world as such.  I started thinking, reading, informing myself and had a lot of discussions. And so lately I developed another passion: creating awareness about the current problems our planet faces due to our social values.