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Since 1991 STEPPENWOLF has been a meeting place for those who like to be “outside”. Here you will find high quality products from top manufacturers. Christine and Michael Lanmüller, the founders of STEPPENWOLF, are convinced that special products need special advice. What brought us together was not just the shared passion for being in nature, but also the passion to protect and preserve it. STEPPENWOLF is also a PATAGONIA® PRO shop. Patagonia® is one of the major environmental pioneers in the industry. The high-quality functional clothing is mostly made from recycled materials. But the engagement of STEPPENWOLF does not stop by thinking about the environment: many of the brands offered at STEPPENWOLF are bluesign® system partners and members of the Fair Wear Association and thus stand for a fair and decent treatment of the people who are producing the products.

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Unica Bikes

Unîca is a brand of bicycles born in Catalonia in 2014. The Unîca are safe, resistant, fast, efficient, with components of the best quality and the most cutting-edge technology. They are excellent machines, adapted to its owner, taking into account their desires, objectives and need. They know that the relationship between an athlete and his/her bike is so special that it becomes necessary, as a way of escape, overcoming, joy, freedom, exploration and challenge. The bike leads us to be better in a lot of ways. The Unîca bike is the perfect partner on this challenge and will help me to get the best out of this journey!


„Ergon products are ambitious, sophisticated, ingenious and beautiful. Most of all, they need to have soul.“ (Franc Arnold, CEO) At Ergon, they are all cyclists and they think like cyclists. They are passionate, innovative, problem-solving tech enthusiasts, who are constantly curious. They live and breathe cycling. They are crazy and are taking responsibility and thus, they are supporting crazy projects – like mine! Sponsoring a perfectly designed SR Women saddle, that will help me to have an easy ride.

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Uvex ´leitmotif covers something I really need on my journey: “uvex protects from head to toe. Every day. Around the clock. Worldwide. That’s our job. protecting people” Rainer Winter developed the “uvex” brand in 1969. But the experience of creating and producing safety goggles is a business for the Winter-Family, that goes back in the early 1930s. With a fast-developing business and steady expansion of the product range in the sports and safety divisions, the family-owned company based in Fürth has been one of the big brands in Germany and even the world for years, and has helped to shape industrial history. High quality products with a responsible job: protecting people! Thanks to the existing athlete campaign, I am allowed to use the protection of Uvex on my way to Hawaii: “We focus. On your ambition. – It is your passion that drives you. And your ambition that makes you special. #uvexperformance accompanies athletes like you from the start to the finish: as a system provider of helmet and goggles – on the way to new top performance”

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Cross Zone

The CrossZone in the 9th district in Vienna is a very cool place for CrossFit workouts! The people, the atmosphare and the professional training environment makes hard training both: entertaining and efficient! As I do not only need endurance capacity on my journey but also strength and power, I am very thankful that the CorssZone offered me to train free of charge until the start of my journey to be best prepared for my challenges.

Gottwald Logo


The company Gottwald GmbH & Co KG sitting in Melk, is one of the most efficient companies in the field of electrical installation and plant construction in Eastern Austria. The company was originally built as a 2 man / woman company in 1979 and has grown to meanwhile more than 240 employees. Constant development characterized the company. So, their philosophy is lead by the words “What began as a small business has now taken on a big shape” – I like these words and I am convinced that these words are transferable to the movement of making this world a better place, which I contribute to with my Ride4Repect project. Thank you Gottwald to “power me up” with a Sandberg Solar 4-Panel Powerbank 12000!


Two guys and a great idea! Robert Smetana and Daniel Nagy developed the first nutrition powder, called Zeitpulver (“time powder”) that is made from real, natural
and plant based food, covering all nutrients in a perfectly optimized combination. The ingredients used are whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholemeal cereals and legumes, so that Zeitpulver meets the highest nutritional science standards to provide
ones body everything it needs. I am super happy that Zeitpulver decided just in time to support me on my way to Hawaii. The powder is super easy to transport and to prepare, so I do not have to be afraid anymore to starve and I can be sure, that my nutritional requirements are covered at any time.