From Vienna to Hawaii

I had to end the project due to Corona. But now I will write a book about it! Accompany me on my next "journey"!

Das Projekt musste ich wegen Corona abbrechen. Aber jetzt schreibe ich ein Buch darüber. Begleite mich auf meiner nächsten "Reise"!


Respect towards all life on this planet and our environment

You can get involved and help me on my journey by inviting me for a meal or lend your couch for the night. The more help I get from you, the more money I can save from my 20.000 EUR travel budget and give to charity at the end of my journey.
Have a look at Live Tracking were I´m heading next and maybe you or someone you know can help me out.
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Time to realize that we are all here together…
We are responsible for what happens now. No doubt about this. Let’s make sure that we will learn from the current situation and take actions to make this world a better place when we are through.

If we simple would get back to the ‘normal’ we had before, we will soon be in a similar situation as we are right now.

Hearing German politicians say – in a press conference this week – that we can forget about any climate action once we are through this, but just have to focus on bringing the economy back up, fears me more than this virus and all related issues that might occur during this extraordinary situation.
Because I know – thanks to many experts out there – that, if we don’t change, this extraordinary situation will be our ‘new normal’.

And no one wants this! Not for ourselves, not for our children, not for anyone in that world, nor now or in the future. And if you – politicians – can’t see this, if you didn’t learn your lesson now and after all still refuse to listen to the experts in the future for prevention advice rather then only in the very moment when the catastrophe already hits, then you cannot be our leaders anymore! Those who still value fast money higher than lifes , higher than a future worth living, higher than equality, higher than humanity, have to step back from their position.

Sorry guys, it’s time for change!

We all should visualize how we want our ‘new normal’ to be and take actions into that direction.

Use the time you have right now to inform yourself about the world, what we did to it and their inhabitants, how the different systems we have established, caused the situation we are in right now.

Information is the ground base of decision making. Add to this the experiences you now gain during this crisis and than make a decision about what you want to support in the future. And think about what you can do to make this vision come true.
Everyone can make a difference!

But if we simply go back to ‘money rules the world’ and ‘das Geld scheißt immer auf den großen Haufen (don’t want to translate this. Sounds better in German😉)’, l rather prefer to get killed by the virus right now, to be honest, as it might be less painful than the next catastrophe (eventhough I know that dying from covid-19 is a horrible death).

But in case I die now, please ensure to at least try working into the direction of more respect towards all life on this planet and our environment and never stop trying to make this world a better place! ❤️🌍🤗

If you wanna make this world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change.
(Michael Jackson)
il fantastico video di Darinka Montico sottotitolato in inglese.

Even illegal immigrants can get ‘medical treatment’ (be tested) now in US. We learn ‘l only can be well if you are well’ the hard way now. Don’t forget this lesson when the storm is over. Otherwise the next storm will come sooner as we can imagine.
Words that will be remembered (starts 38:00- 42:00)!
Happy to see that America also has inspiring, good hearted and hard working leaders ❤️
Who would have thought only a few days ago, that the Chancellor would like to thank us all for ‘slowing down’ (entschleunigen)…😉 (press conference 11:15 am today).

THANK YOU! for an – so far – incredible good management of this crisis in Austria, compared to others!
What does it need that they understand we want to live a healthy life. When do they stop using our tax money to poisoning us?

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