From Vienna to Hawaii


Respect towards all life on this planet and our environment

You can get involved and help me on my journey by inviting me for a meal or lend your couch for the night. The more help I get from you, the more money I can save from my 20.000 EUR travel budget and give to charity at the end of my journey.
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The last week in Munich was quite busy. I underestimated the effort of the video editing massively and due to certain mistakes I made, it took me much more time than planned and I put myself so much under pressure to get the things done, that I either had appointments or was in front of my laptop. So, also my time for my wonderful friend, who let me stay for one week at her place, was very limited and at one point she freaked out, shouting at me, that I am already missing the focus on the most important things in life. She was right. So, I went for a walk with her and her dog and we talked and hugged and luckily could both laugh at the end.
And later I called my kids and cried because I am already missing them so much… But they are so brave, gave me courage and positive vibes and told me that I can do what I do, I will learn and things will become easier and I will have more time to focus on the important things in life again…

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