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You can get involved and help me on my journey by inviting me for a meal or lend your couch for the night. The more help I get from you, the more money I can save from my 20.000 EUR travel budget and give to charity at the end of my journey.
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Today it’s one week, that I am searching for a sailboat here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I met wonderful people, made great experiences and I am also living on a boat right now, but this ‘just sitting around and wait for a opportunity to come’ ‘ is not easy for me.

The changes to find a boat to Cuba are close to zero. I can continue searching for a boat that takes me to one of the Caribbean Islands, but with every day the changes to stick to my IM-Texas-Plans are dropping, as I don’t know how to than get to Cuba or America. And the Atlantic crossing season ends mid/end of January.

I could take a Container ship but it’s expensive and does not go to Cuba directly. Also, you have to be lucky that they take you. But if I would find one soon, the chances to still make it in time to Cuba/America would at least be better, as the crossing takes only one week.

Last option is to fly. There are only two possible dates for a payable flight from here to Cuba: 16.12.2019 or 20.01.2020 (and later).

So I can
1) wait this weekend and if not, take the flight on Monday
2) continue searching (sailboat/container ship) and latest take the flight 20.01.2019
3) never ever consider to take the airplane, but bike back home when the crossing season ended and I still stuck in Gran Canaria.

No 1 is the only option to ensure (well, nothing is for sure…) my participation in the IM Texas. No 2 keeps still a small possibility, but risk to not make it in time is high. But at least the project as such continues.

So, can you please help me with the desicion: 1), 2) or 3)?

Thank you 🤗😘

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