From Vienna to Hawaii


Respect towards all life on this planet and our environment

You can get involved and help me on my journey by inviting me for a meal or lend your couch for the night. The more help I get from you, the more money I can save from my 20.000 EUR travel budget and give to charity at the end of my journey.
Have a look at Live Tracking were I´m heading next and maybe you or someone you know can help me out.
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Ride4Respect is in Birmingham, Alabama.
As always: hard to leave a nice place… 😬 especially when the training conditions are so great. But as l anyhow would have to pay for my next visit at the YMCA, l better continue 😜 l really hope to find some pools on the next 500 km /310 miles. According to Google it doesn’t look like that😕. But let’s see…
It’s always the same: there is this uncomfortable feeling because everything is new again and I do not know what comes next and how it will be (the next place to sleep (safe/wild, dry/wet, welcome/strange, power, water…??? ), the next training conditions, grocery stores, people, dogs etc.) and until now it ‘at least worked out somehow’ or was even much better than expected 😊.
So, my profound message today for you is the following: don’t be afraid to try out new things! It might feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but it might turn out to be magical.
And of course – beside all the other things you should try 😉 – I will ask you: why don’t you try to be vegan. Give it a try for a few days/weeks/months and find out how it feels not being responsible for the harm, exploitation, suffer, pain and murder of other sentient beings. Simply by changing the choice of your food, clothes, shoes, furnitures, creams, entertainment events etc.
‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ There is no argument against being vegan. Why would you choose to be cruel?

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@ Birmingham, Alabama

What does it need that they understand we want to live a healthy life. When do they stop using our tax money to poisoning us?

They will never take required actions. We need to get louder and more, to explain them that humans cannot eat, breath or drink money.

There are cruelty-free recipes on the internet. You don’t need to support cruelty and murder for Christmas Eve. https://t.co/WOgPR3JFre ride4respect1 photo